Thomas Didymos Schmidt (Austria)

Not the world per se but its soulfulness is opened in Thomas Schmidt’s artworks. The motifs for the works immediately elicit a moment of pause from the viewer. On closer inspection, the idea of new media quickly falls away; there is only the timeless now.You recognize the painting and the concentrated work behind it.

Through many journeys and his life with the elements, the artist has become more and more aware of nature, its vulnerability and its transience. Awareness through his pictures is the only outcry given to him.

Schmidt has learned the magic of the monochrome image through the copper engraving. It is also a good and true approach in his paintings.Too much color will not make the picture beautiful. Reducing the colors to a few has been his way ever since.To describe this path as déjà vu would not be wrong. We have already seen everything but only those who look behind it will know more.

The four basic elements of earth, fire, water and air are at the center of his work. It is never a single element that works: they woo and embrace each other and becoming the essence. Each element is dependent on the other, but the dramaturgy and composition is decided individually and essentially. In today’s world, we encounter too many impressions, too much feeling, too many questions without answers. The elements, depicted monochromatically and without chaos, clearly and simply give calmness and allow an off-the-time-rise.


在施密特的作品中,世界并不是以本身的面貌加以呈现,而是向 世人展现它的精神层面。他作品中所表现的主题第一眼就令人注 目。但是在仔细观察之后,因其新式的作画技巧所引发的好奇感 随即而逝,留给观者的只是对即刻永恒的感触。人们继而可以更 深刻地了解他的作品,以及其背后的概念。

他通过不同的旅行及人生经历,愈发对自然以及其脆弱性和消逝 性有更为深刻的体会。以此,他通过画面表现出的觉醒意识是他 所发出的唯一抗议。

通过对铜版画作品的观察,施密特了解到单色画面语言的神奇之 处:对于他来说,绘画中包含了对于美好和真实的表达,如果艺 术家运用过多颜色,将破坏画面的美感。所以,将画面中的所运 用到的颜料减少到几个单一的色彩是他一直使用的技法。这种技 法或许似曾相识,已被世人所熟知。但是只有看透表象的人,才 能从中解读到更多的内容。

他作品主要围绕着四大元素展开:即土、火、水和空气。但在他 画作中呈现的从只不是单个的元素,而表现的是不同元素之间的 互相作用和吸引,它们与彼此紧密相连,并由此形成存在于这个 世界中的生命本质。在他的画面中,虽然每个元素的存在形式依 赖于其它元素,但是单一元素还是基本地决定了整个画面的构图 和戏剧性。在当今世界中,我们每天都接收到过量的感官印象, 过量的心理感触,存在过多的问题而找不到答案。而当这个世界 的基本组成元素以单色的形式井然有序地表现出来时,这种画面 语言以清晰而简单的方式给予观者一种平静的体验,并使画面内 容不受时间的约束变为永恒。